Tuesday 22 April 2014

Delicate Items (Greg Voisin Pottery)

At least once a week I am going to try to feature a designer that I am in love with! Today's designer has nothing to do with clothing but is still very fashionable. Greg Voisin is from Hamilton, Ontario, and he hand makes pottery products. His signature items are his mugs, which are created and decorated by hand in his home studio. Greg has been receiving a lot of attention for his work lately as he participated in both of the One of a Kind Craft Shows in Toronto this past year. I am so lucky to call Greg a personal friend of mine (I have known him for many years), he is a fantastic person with a HUGE heart. The attention he is receiving for his work is well deserved. Please look at some of his amazing creations, and remember his contact information because after looking at his work you will want a piece for yourself.

                                        How to contact Greg: email-gvoisin@yahoo.ca
                                          Follow Greg on FacebookTumblrBlogspot
Photo by Jenny (Crazy Style Love)
Image from Greg Voisin's Facebook Page
My collection at home, the butter dish I adore so much that,
no one else can touch it at my house.
** A big thanks to Jenny, the creative mind behind the blog Crazy Style Love, for letting me use her picture**

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