Wednesday 16 July 2014

My love/hate for Zara.

There is no store I love to hate more than Zara. I love most of their clothing (especially their shoes), but none of the clothes tend to fit my body type. I have tried on many clothing items at Zara, and sadly I have not purchased anything in over a decade. Recently, I took a trip to my local mall and went into Zara. The sale that is on right now is phenomenal, so of course I decide to give the clothing another try. I found five items that I was in love with, and headed into the change room. The results were extremely disappointing. Please see the pics below to find out why I have no luck in Zara, and why the skirt in the last picture from a different store is perfect.

I tried this gorgeous tropical printed green dress on in a size large (there was no medium). You can see that it is way too low in the front, and even with tailoring I don't think I would ever be comfortable wearing this out.  The skirt on this dress is lovely!

Things went from not good to really bad in this pink floral dress. I had noticed another girl bringing it into the change room so I thought I would try it. Again, this is a large and does nothing for my shape.

This white pin-striped dress was my favourite item that I tried on. It was also a large and was too big on. The armholes were way too big, and the waist had a lot of room in. Not even a belt could help this dress on me.

Then I went into Jacob and tried on this lovely skirt. Of course, if fit perfect! The print is lovely and the skirt had the perfect amount of flare. This got me thinking, when you find a store that 'fits' why look elsewhere? What are your favourite stores, and which ones do not 'fit'?  I'd love to see your comments.

P.S.- I tried to find the items in this post online and could not locate them, which is why there are not items links.

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