Friday 15 August 2014

How Do I Choose My Looks?

Over the last few months I have learned so much in how to create a standout fashion post. When I look back at my early posts I definitely see a change in my outfits. Sometimes, I have to reshoot a look because my first try was lousy, or what I thought would look good in my head does not translate the same on screen. I am going to show you an example of how I took an outfit that I thought did not 'pop' and turned it into one that did.

Attempt 1.
I started with this gorgeous  H&M skirt that I really wanted to be the focus. Then I paired it with a light blue/grey t-shirt and a casual jean jacket. I added my favourite Biko necklaces, my Manolos, and my blue Danier bag. You can see from the two pictures below that the skirt does not get the attention it should next to the other pieces. I also didn't like that the t-shirt was pulling and rippling, so I knew right away I needed to change the shirt. I loved the necklaces, bag, and shoes, but I knew I could easily do better!

Attempt 2.
I used the same H&M skirt, and paired it with a navy lightweight sweater, a gorgeous vintage locket my Grandmother had, and these amazing Nine West shoes that I am sure you're tired of reading about. This time I used a pale pink Gap clutch and some Stella and Dot bracelets. This outfit really makes the skirt the focus and I feel shows it off far better than my first attempt. As much as I love my Manolo Blahnik's, the shoes in attempt two really complete the outfit, and add a little bit more interest. See the pictures below, what do you think? Is attempt 2 the better outfit? And keep reading for my tips on how to choose the perfect outfit.

Tips for Choosing an Outfit (blog or not).
1. Choose your statement piece and work your other items around that, ask yourself, which piece of clothing must someone notice?
2. Plan your accessories wisely, sometimes less is more, BUT there must be accessories. The last thing you want is for the outfit to be wearing you.
3. I always like to take a picture of me in the outfit, your phone will do just fine. This way I can see what works and what I can easily change.
4. I love colour blocking, in blog pictures these outfits normally look fantastic. Don't be afraid of colour.
5. When in doubt always follow what Stacey and Clinton say, colour, texture, pattern shine! All four should be in your outfit.

I'd love to hear your tips! Let me know, leave a comment.


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