Sunday 21 September 2014

Kindergarten Sunday!

Welcome to Kindergarten Sunday here is what happened this week!

We asked our parents to bring in 'beautiful junk' items and we had the students in pairs try to find  A's and B's on boxes of products they recognized. 

We read Pete the Cat this week, we sang the four groovy button song all week. What a fun story, and great for learning counting backward from four. I am heading out today to get a few more of these stories as the children were asking for another Pete the Cat book.

We are working on the letter B this week. We looked at this message closely to count how many b's we saw, and to see if any words rhymed.(the students came out with the word ryhme, I was thrilled)

We created some  mini sand boxes for students to practice letter formation. It wasn't overly popular but we will encourage students to try again.

We began to make out tactile alphabet. Using each child's first initial we asked them to bring in items that began with the same letter. Here you can see jelly beans, suckers, and tissue paper. We will finish the rest of the letters this week, and then display them in the classroom.

Our bumble B's were a HUGE success!

In our guided reading groups one day we practice writing a short sentence that matches the text we are reading. This week's book was all based on repetitive text, most of our students (SK's) could print their sentence that they said to me and I wrote on paper for them.

We tried to use the 10 frames in Math this week to show simple numbers. This was a struggle for most so we are going back to basics in Math!

We did a banana and blueberry exploration for Food Friday's this week. The students' were interested in why bananas change colour, and why some had more brown areas than others.


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