Saturday 6 September 2014

The Kindergarten Round Up

So here is the first week of Kindergarten in a post! This has been such a fun week for me to meet my new little friends for this school year. Initially, I was very nervous to teach our youngest learners but now I know I can do it! My class is so lovely, sweet, and just plain adorable. I have an incredible Early Childhood Educator that I am working with, and I couldn't be more thankful for all that she does. Here are some photos of our week, for obvious reasons NO children's faces have been included.

We took pictures of all of our students on their first day, the answers to what they wanted to be when they are older were very insightful.

This is our question of the day board. It is a work in progress and I just introduced it to the class on Friday, we will be working on this question again Monday.

Our little Science centre, what you can't see are magnifying glasses, once we showed a few kids how to use them, they were a huge hit!

Did any Kindergarten teacher not read this book this week? What a sweet story about a raccoon who is starting school and is very scared.

The children are already surprising me with their knowledge and how wonderfully they collaborate together at such a young age. These girls sorted by colours.

A teacher friend of mine gave me these pattern block puzzles a few days before school started and I debated putting them out. These have been used every day with the children showing me their fnished work and then we talk about what colours and shapes we see. A few have learned a new shape this week, the hexagon.

I will try to update you frequently on the Kindergarten happenings. This week has had far more ups than downs, and we have a few friends that are still very nervous to come to school. We have worked hard to show these children how much fun school is, and in two days have noticed a huge change.


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