Saturday 27 September 2014

Weekend Kindergarten Review

Here is the Kindergarten week in review. We read the Leveled Literacy Intervention book Rex. The SK's loved it, here they are reading the book to a partner, and then the students switched roles.

We continued to work on our tactile alphabet this week. We still have about 8 letters to complete, we are using cotton balls for 'C' , noodles for 'N', and yarn for 'Y'.

Our letter of the week was 'C', some of our students drew pictures of cats on our white board easel this week. I was very impressed.

 Our tactile alphabet is taking shape. See the picture below for a closer shot.

Since our letter was 'C' this week, I thought it would be fun to build with crackers! We didn't give the students many instructions other than to create whatever they wanted. This was very interesting to see what they created, if you want to try this in your classroom have a lot of white glue ready, the crackers need a lot to stick together.

I love that this child created the letter A.

This child tried to make a cracker bridge, clever!

My partner LeeAnn has a Yoga ABC book, she introduced the airplane move to our students. They loved Yoga! Make sure you have ample space for your students, our classroom is on the small side to we had to spread out.

Our Read Aloud this week was Pete the Cat- Rocking in My School Shoes! This story also has a song that the students can sing along to as you read. This is our version of Pete the Cat in the letter C, LeeAnn plans the best creatives for our students I haven't seen the creative area that busy all year.

LeeAnn showed our Number Board on a Facebook group a few days ago and it garnered a lot of attention. This is the beginning of our number board, there are pictures of the students finger,s as well as, student created numerals and number words. We added the ten frame, number line and 1cm snap cubes before posting the numbers.

On Food Friday we brought in carrots or cucumbers. This is a graph of what the students brought in. They love to look at the food and share what they brought.  

Here are white, orange, and purple carrots. We sampled the white and purple carrots at the end of the day. We were so proud the students tried each carrot. Personally, the white one tasted the best!

One thing that is always hard to find is a toy  cash register. I picked this one up at the Superstore, so if you are close to a Superstore or Loblaws this was $19. I love how updated it it, and the students are so excited about it. We had a full table exploring and learning the new cash register.

My students are always surprising me with what they can do with the building blocks. We had about six students working together to create this body shape. The others students enjoyed lying down in the previous student's shape and then trying to rearrange the blocks to fit the new body shape.

This was such a great week! Next week we are doing some Dinosaur exploring! Stay tuned, and thanks so much for reading!

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