Saturday 18 October 2014

Kindergarten Update

This has been a busy two weeks in Kindergarten, here is some of the learning that was going on.
We have been very interested in shapes lately, and here is a student drawing the shapes that she knows, the students love drawing!

We went to a local farm, and we got to take home some gourds! The students explored shapes and sizes, and were very fascinated by the feel of the gourds. We talked about why the gourds were bumpy and spikey.

We learned Tic-Tac-Toe this week,  this is a great game for taking turns, and when we do our tabletop games many students were choosing this game.

We had cooking in Kindergarten, we made apple sauce and you can see from the next few pictures it was a lot of fun to cut apples and then wait for a few hours while the apples cooked. We then shared our apple sauce and everyone tried it. Some students even wanted a second serving.

Our question of the day board is finally up and running, this was our first question last week after we had gone to the pumpkin patch. The students love to come and answer the question, and we discuss our answers at the end of the day. We count how many students answered on each side, and which side had more and less.

We made turkey eggs for Thanksgiving! This was a hard craft, and I don't know if I would do this one again. We painted hard boiled eggs and decorated the eggs when dry. Use lots of glue if you want to do this craft.

Even more fun was painting leaves. Our students love to bring in leaves and we have been reading the book "Fletcher and the Falling Leaves" this week. We were playing with the leaves in the class by dropping them and watching how they fall.

We made moon sand this week! Students had the choice to come and help, and the ones that came did a great job.

Pattern blocks are always a big hit in our room. We have been very interested in shapes and patterns.

This is our letter box game, we have many objects in our letter box, and we put out letter placemats. Students roll a die, then they need to find an object that starts with the letter the die showed, and place it on the corresponding mat.

We made patterns with fish crackers, this was a HUGE success.


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