Saturday 8 November 2014

Kindergarten Update

We started this week off with lots of new classroom games. I was at Toys 'R' Us shopping for my son and I located some great games for our classroom. Educational games are always hard to find so I was thrilled to see Toys 'R' Us has a large educational section. The game below is a ten frame Math game, we printed out the addition cards and the student really enjoy using the gold and silver coins to create Math equations.

These plastic letter pieces have been the students' favourite new item this week. They following the instructions on the cards to create letters. We have some children that are now making numerals with the pieces.

Our moon sand is still very popular. Students love to help making these crafty items.

The last new purchase was these Math shape puzzles. I wasn't sure if our students would be engaged in these but so far they are very popular in our classroom.

LeeAnn had bee wanting to do a visual clock schedule like this for sometime. The students enjoy looking at the times and trying to compare each time to the actual clock.

In the background of this picture LeeAnn added building photos below our block shelf. This has made a huge difference in our block area. Students are collaborating really well to create a structure based on it's picture.

We created a grocery store this week in our dramatic play centre. I will take a few better pictures to show for next week's post. Our students enjoyed making a grocery list and then have another student be a cashier so they could buy their items.

We spent a lot of time this week reading the book "Beautiful Oops". We found our students needed some reminder on how to respect the paper we have at our art centre. We read this book and each child received a small piece of newsprint paper that they could then tear, crunch, fold, and make a beautiful oops. We then had our students create something our of their paper, they loved this. It was amazing to see how creative our students are.

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