Monday 24 November 2014

Monday Musings

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to the start of the last week of November. I am so excited for the holiday season that I baked an early batch of sugar cookies yesterday. Remember last week I mentioned the holidays are my favourite time of year, well the first snowfall is another one of my favourite yearly occurrences. It was so nice last week to see a little snow on the ground, even if it is all gone today due to the warmer weather. Think about your favourite winter coat, why do you love it? Is it the colour? the warmth it gives you? a sentimental attachment? This yellow Gap coat has been a favourite of mine for a few years now, although it is not the warmest coat, it is great for the changing temperatures. I love it because of the colour and the peacoat style is always classic. The gold buttons on this coat add that little something 'extra'. The blue plaid dress is so flattering, and blue and yellow is always a nice complimentary pairing of colours. What are you doing this week?

Dress- Eshakti (here)
Coat- Gap (love this)
Bag- Rebecca Minkoff (here)
Shoes- Town Shoes  (here)

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