Sunday 23 November 2014

Sunday School

Happy Sunday! I apologize for not having a classroom update last week, I was at Spark Sessions in Toronto and I ran out of time. This week's Sunday School will be two weeks in one. We have been hosting parents in our room for student observations, and it has been very busy. We started off last week reading the book "Mix It Up"and students had the chance to experiment with mixing colours at our creative table.

Last week our class got some great new letter construction pieces. This week we have students creating names with these pieces. I was so impressed.

We finally brought out our "Melissa and Doug" work toy. The students love it, this is a great tool for building fine motor strength.

Our students are continuing to build using the inspiration pictures we put up on the shelf below our blocks. These two lovely girls worked together to create this amazing structure.

Have you played Bananagrams? I have had this game sitting in a drawer at home so I decided to bring it in and use it as an invitation to play.

We read the book "I'm Bored" this week, about a little girl who is bored and meets a potato. We then explored what potatoes look like, feel like, and wrote about what we would do with a potato.

 We got some fancy carpet rule soccer balls for our classroom this week.

I hope you all had a great week in your classrooms. Leave a comment and tell me all about what your students did.

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