Tuesday 2 December 2014

Tuesday Try This- MICRO Pedi

Hello Gorgeous!

I finally found the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season. This stocking stuffer is great for both men and women, and is a necessity in your bathroom. What is this fabulous product you ask? The MICRO Pedi by Emjoi, I know you are all asking why is this a necessity and what is it? The MICRO Pedi is a safe at home alternative to the salon pedicures we all love. This device is battery powered and works on all areas of your feet by removing rough and hard skin leaving your feet smooth and soft. Imagine that foot filer paddle looking item you use in the shower, and reinvent it so that it spins using battery power. If you hate filing your manually, (let's be honest who doesn't) you need the MICRO Pedi. 

The MICRO Pedi device has an on/off slide button, a circular filing device and is about the length of my hand. The handle on this device is wonderful as I can easily grasp it and it is comfortable to hold.

The blue filing roller spins quite fast when the device is turned on. The spinning action gently files cracked skin off of the foot.

On the side of the MICRO Pedi is a slide button that will release the blue roller so that it can be cleaned using the small white brush included in the package.

The roller slides out and snaps back into place easily. The MICRO Pedi does have two different roller options, the blue which is included and golden blue for that extra coarse skin (this can be purchased separately).

When using the MICRO Pedi find an area of your foot that has rough or cracked skin.  Turn it on and angle the MICRO Pedi towards the area. Touch the MICRO Pedi on the rough or cracked skin and move the device up and down or side to side. You will see your skin dusting off of your foot. Keep going until you feel the rough or cracked skin is gone.

When I got the MICRO Pedi my husband tried it (he loves to try new products) and the first thing he said was, "this is great". There is a MICRO Pedi Man device for all the special men in your life which would also make a great stocking stuffer.

I am sure you are now asking where you can buy the MICRO Pedi, head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart store,  or online at MICRO Pedi. Let me know what you think of this awesome time saving fabulous pedicure product!

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