Thursday 15 January 2015

How To Thursdays- Choose A Lipstick

Hello Gorgeous! 

It's time to talk about lipsticks, these are not my favourite makeup item to use since I have small lips so when I choose a lipstick it has to be good. Today, I will walk you through the steps when choosing a lipstick, with all the choices out there it can be really overwhelming. 

First things first, ask yourself these questions before purchasing a lipstick.

1. What colour are you planning to buy? If you are wanting an everyday/neutral colour it may be best to invest a bit more money into a luxury brand lipstick. 
2.  Do you prefer a matte or glossy/shimmery lipstick? I try to stick to matte colours, I find my lips look a little bigger with a matte lipstick.
3. Do certain lipstick smells bother you? If you are bothered by certain lipstick smells, you definitely need to sniff before buying.

Now that you have decided on your list of needs in a lipstick it's time to get shopping! Let's talk about the luxury brands first.

Below is the Sephora brand lipstick. The wonderful thing about Sephora is there is always a lovely staff member to ask for advice. I find the Sephora brand lipstick glides on very well, and has enough pigment in it that it will last longer than an average drugstore brand. You can see it here, and the colour choices are endless.

The luxury brand lipstick winner, is the Bite Beauty high pigment lip pencil. This is no regular lip pencil as it is a lipstick formula. This is by far my favourite lipstick on the market. The lip pencils are saturated with gorgeous colours that glide on so easily and feel great on the lips. I find the Bite Beauty lip pencils last far longer than others I have tried. You can find these at Sephora or click  here.

But, what if you want your lips to feel moisturized with just a hint of colour. This fresh chapstick/lipstick is amazing. The fresh line offers amazing lip products that give you the moisture you need, along with SPF 15. Find them here.

Let's move onto the more affordable lipsticks now, the ones you can pick up at any local drugstore. My personal fave is the Revlon Colorburst. I use the matte balm option but there is glossy available. I find this product is long lasting, although I need a hint of chapstick at times when using it. The colours are heavily pigmented, while still gliding on nicely.

My other drugstore lipstick favourite is also a Revlon product.The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, comes in so many shades I lost count. The lipstick has no smell, and glides on smooth and provides some moisture. This lipstick is not as long lasting as the Revlon Colorburst or the luxury brands above, but it is a great buy at around ten dollars.

The final two drugstore lipsticks are my go-to brands when I want a fun colour that am not using on a regular basis. The Rimmel Moisture Renew offers the right amount of colour pigment, and does provide some moisture. It does not last nearly as long as the above lipsticks but the colours are so fun, and the price point is great at around seven dollars, it's hard to resist.
The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor lives up to it's name, The colours choices are right on trend, have great pigment and wear very well on my lips. Again, this product is not as long lasting, but if you looking for a fun colour to wear out at night this Maybelline product will be fantastic!

Let me know what lipsticks are your favourites. Is there a product you want to know more about? Let me know I'll investigate for you.

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