Sunday 11 January 2015

Sunday School

Happy Sunday!

It's been a long while since I have done a Sunday School update, with the holiday break and all the lead up to the holidays at school I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures. So here we are, back to school! To kick off the new year my partner LeeAnn and I decided to turn our dramatic play centre into a Pizza Store. We had these Melissa and Doug Pizza kits at school so we brought them out and first thing on Monday started to create our Pizza store. We named it, talked about how much our items would cost, and what we needed to do to our dramatic play area. Our students then created menus, counted money and we created a pizza store sign. Then it was time to play, our students loved creating pizzas, serving each other, and most importantly counting and collecting money. It was great to hear some of them counting by 2's. Our class now has an inquiry going on about pizza, which is amazing to see how interested they are in this yummy food.

Since our students loved the pizza store so much, we then decided to incorporate more Math into our centres. We offered them the chance to create a paper plate pizza, and add however many toppings they wanted to. First students had to decide if they wanted two slices or four slices in their pizza and they folded the plate, this was a great mini lesson on halves, and quarters. You can see the small half paper sheets we had them complete below their pizzas. A JK student's is on the left and and SK student's is on the left. We differentiated based on student ability and need.

We read 'The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza), we will continue it this week by adding in a retell of all the items she needed to make her pizza). I think I will make picture and word cards of the ingredients, as well as, a list of what the Hen used. We will also do some drama this week by acting out the story including the other animals that keep saying, "No" when the Hen asks for help.

Now onto Food Fridays, we had a lot of foods that started with M this week. Here we are counting out M&M's.  Since the 100th day of school is coming up soon we are practicing counting to 100. In this picture we are making groups of ten to making counting easier and discovering how to sort  using colours.

After we found out we had 142 M&M's in the bag, we started to divide the candies by giving each student one at a time. We asked the students how many they think each child would get and then we got to counting, You can see each child got 6 M&M's.

Then we moved on to our favourite type of provocation, what's in the bag? The students come up and use their senses to guess what could be inside the paper bag. This week we had, mangos, marshmallows, and macaroni.

This was a great week at school! I can't wait to  continue our pizza inquiry this week.

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