Sunday 18 January 2015

Sunday School

 Happy Sunday!

This was another busy week in Kindergarten. To start off with, our students are still in the beginning stages of learning to print the numerals 0 to 9, so in order to make this more 'play based' we had the students roll a die. After the die was rolled they had to match the number rolled to the correct die number on the paper in the picture.  Under the number the students then had to print the numeral, this is a great fun way to get printing practice, as well as, learning to subitze (knowing a number by looking at a group). 

In Literacy some of our students are learning familiar sight words, or 'popcorn words'. We have incorporated the sight words into our letter construction kit. This is a great way to build and learn at the same time.

Our senior kindergarten students have been taking their knowledge of sight words even further, by using  sight word cards and applying the words to books we are reading. These students are looking for the five words below in this book. 

This Ants On A Log game is great for learning early Math. This game allows students to add and subtract simple numbers by using the cuisinaire rods. You can see below this student has made ten, they then can show ten using the ants, as well as the number side. This game is fantastic!

Now onto the most exciting part of our week, our inquiry on pizza. We read this Curious George book below, and did a retell with it using picture cards. We talked about if George made a bad chioce in the story and why. We made paper plate pizzas using the toppings we had last week, and students have become so good at this task that this week we will have to add a further challenge for them.

We also made our pizza list, as we are making pizzas on Monday. We voted on the two toppings we wanted and what else we needed to buy at the store in order to make pizzas. I will have lots of pictures next week!


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