Thursday 8 January 2015

Thursday How To- Stay Warm

Hello Gorgeous!

WOW! It got cold where I live this week. With temperatures being so cold that our students at school are not allowed to go outside, I have had to bring out my favourite cold weather accessories just to walk into and out of the school building. Today I am going to show you some of my favourite winter accessories that help keep me warm.

Believe it or not I am not a huge fan of wearing a hat. I always fidget with it because I feel a hat never sits quite right on my head. So when I wear one it has to be functional. The red pom-pom hat is right on trend with this season, it can be easily cuffed to sit higher or lower on your head depending how you like it. Best part- it is only $12 from Joe Fresh. The blue chunky knit hat looks great with any outfit of mine, and I find it keeps my ears warm due to it's larger size. Of course my favourite accessory is, my earmuffs. I used to always wear earmuffs back in my teenage years and I really love the feel of a headband so this is the perfect combination for me. These ear muffs have a very modern look to them with the faux leather headband and adorable bow.
Red Hat- here
Blue Beanie-similar

Now onto scarves, keeping my neck warm is so important this time of year. I even love to wear a scarf in my classroom since it can be chilly in there. The thin knit blue scarf is my fave to wear in my classroom, it was hand made and a gift from one of my students so it is extra special.The faux-fur trend has been my favourite this season and this leopard pull through is amazing!  Below is my go-to blanket scarf, I tend to wear these scarves over a coat because they are a bit bulky under my coats. Wearing them over my coats also adds lots of extra interest to the top of my outfit.

Blue knit scarf-almost identical
Leopard Faux Fur Pull Through-on sale here
Blanket Scarf-here

Lastly, I have looked long and hard for the perfect pair of gloves and mittens, and these are the ones I always come back to. The small stretchy gloves I  wear when I am driving, and the mittens I wear outside. You can tell these mittens have had a lot of wear because if you look closely you can see the wool has started to pill. Thankfully, these mittens are not too expensive and I will probably replace them next winter.
Stretch Gloves- check any local dollar store or Wal-Mart

What are you favourite winter accessories? Will you purchase any of these?


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