Thursday 22 January 2015

Thursday How To- Tulle

Hello Gorgeous!

So many of you say to me that you could never wear tulle. To that, I always say, "Of course you can, you just need to find the style and amount of volume you like".  I also get asked where I buy my tulle skirts, so here is the answer, this skirt and my other tulle skirt are from Space 46 Boutique. This is a fantastic shop specializing in tulle skirt creation, and the options are fantastic. There are skirts with a lot of volume such as mine, or skirts with far less that appear to be much like a regular skirt but made of tulle. The skirts are all lined inside to you don't get the 'tulle scratch'. The skirts come in many colour, and length options. Did I mention this post is NOT sponsored by Space 46 in anyway? I just adore their skirts. There is a lovely royal blue one I am lusting after currently.

Here are some tips for wearing tulle,
1. How much volume do you want? If you want less volume than the skirt in this post try something like this..
2. You can dress the tulle up or down, I like to wear it with simple solid or printed blouse. You can easily put a sweater on over top of the tulle skirt for a more casual look.
3. I try to keep my accessories minimal when wearing tulle because I want the skirt to be the star of the show.
4. Do NOT be afraid of tulle, you can wear it anywhere (honestly you can!). It's all in the top you pair with it.

What are you waiting for? Go buy a tulle skirt now!!


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