Tuesday 27 January 2015

Try This Tuesday- Headbands by Gina Made It

Hello Gorgeous!

Do I have a great product to tell you about today! I am so excited about this product because I am a lover of all hair accessories, especially the headband. It is so hard to find a headband that is stylish, well made, and most importantly comfortable. I finally found the perfect headband that fits all three criteria. You do not have to suffer with headbands that are painful because they pinch behind your ears, or that have comb like teeth that scratch the top of your head. Gina Made It is a New York company specializing in making the loveliest hair accessories. The headband line is very extensive with many unique fabric choices, such as denim, velvet, stripes, leather, sparkles,and gorgeous sparkle rocks.. The one I am wearing in this post is a pink sparkle headband, take a look at the incredible knot work details that line the curve of the band. The fabric is wrapped VERY tightly which means no fraying (as many of my headbands have done in the past). I can not believe how great the quality is in such a small, but important accessory item. 

Gina Made It also makes the loveliest hair bun bows (which I am lusting after right now), pony scarves, and head turbans. You have to head to the website right now to check out the incredible catalog and make a purchase, you and your hair will NOT regret it.

The knot detailing really sets this headband apart from the others, you can see how tightly wound it is around the fabric. This is a stand out piece when you wear it, and it will go with many many outfits.

Let me know do you want to see a giveaway with a headband from Gina Made it?

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