Friday 20 February 2015

The Friday Find-PoppyClips!

Hello Gorgeous!

This has been a long week for me as I have been quite ill with what I think is the flu. Good News! It's almost gone, and I am on my way back to work to see my kiddies. Unfortunately, I missed my Try This Tuesday post so today I have a special edition of the The Friday Find! I am so excited about this find because I have been wanting these for a long while now. Let me introduce you to PoppyClips, these are amazing magnetized clips that you can attached to your boots, pockets, pant legs, sleeves and anywhere else that can use some 'clipping up'.
The Poppyclips story is very simple," Jessica was wearing long sleeves. She pushed them up. They didn’t stay. She pushed them up, again. They didn’t stay. When her friend, Cristina, saw her aggravation a light bulb went off. She said, “We need magnets.” PoppyClips was born." 

Each pair of PoppyClips is decorated with gorgeous fabric and you can choose to have the bow or not. At the end of the clip are magnets, I have no idea where the PoppyClip girls found these magnets but they are super strength! To hold through my Hunter boots must mean the magnets have extra strength in them.

The great thing about PoppyClips is how versatile they are. I tried putting them on the pockets of my black and white coat and I loved the look I got. The pop of red was just enough to add extra interest to my outfit.

I love the houndstooth fabric and the small button-like covering on top of the magnet. If you look closely it is silver and very sparkly. I absolutely recommend getting a pair of PoppyClips now. The standard clips are $16 and if you love the bows as much as me, these clips are $24. Well worth the money!


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