Thursday 5 February 2015

Thursday How To- Get Bright Eyes (even if you haven't slept)

Hello Gorgeous!

I hope you're all having a great week, to be honest, I haven't been sleeping so great lately. My son has been up in the night and then I just can't back to sleep. I am tossing and turning and then I have to get up and go to work with my lovely students. I have been noticing this week, I am looking extra exhausted in the morning. To help me beat the 'tired eyes look' I have finally found the perfect product, Benefit Lemon Aid

The Benefit Lemon Aid is a colour correcting eyelid primer, but I have discovered a little secret, if you use it under your eyes as a concealer, it gives the most lovely brightening effect. The product comes in the cutest yellow box (Benefit packaging always makes me smile), and inside the compact is the sweetest shade of lemon yellow. The product is thick, like you would expect any good concealer to be so I would suggest using a brush to apply it. For this post I will take you through the steps of my eye transformation, trust me, you have to see it.

Below I have nothing on my face except a thin layer of foundation. My eyes have some darkness under them that I will soon get rid of. 

I have applied the Lemon Aid to the left side of you screen under the eye. Look how much brighter it is ( I did put it on a bit of a heavier coat so you could clearly see the difference). I like to use a small concealer brush that allows me to get in those hard to reach areas.

Here I have finished concealing under both eyes. I can surely tell the difference now, my eyes look instantly brighter and wide awake (like I slept all night). I just need to fill in my eyebrows, add a bit of blush , and a thin coat of lipstick and I am good to start my day!

Let me know in the comments, will you try this product? I sure hope so, you can find it at

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