Thursday 19 February 2015

Thursday How To- Make A Difference (Sela Designs)

Hello Gorgeous
I am so honoured today to be teaming up with Sela DesignsSela Designs creates incredible pieces of jewellery, designer Ashleigh Becker uses some of the most interesting materials in her pieces. "Many of the designs include Tagua nuts from the Amazon Rainforest. Tagua nuts are harvested, sliced, dyed and sealed by local artisans, providing them a sustainable income. The trees are in no way hurt by this process as tagua nuts are a natural by product of the trees. Harvesting the nuts is beneficial to the local people and the rainforest itself. "

What makes Sela Designs even more special is that Ashleigh donates all profits from her work to various charities around the world. She believes in helping families and women become sustainable in countries such as Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Madagascar to name a few. This is truly inspiring and you must head to the Sela Designs shop right now to help support some important causes.

Now onto the gorgeous jewellery, Sela Designs will custom create a piece just for you. You can see from the pictures Ashleigh will engrave charms and take a look at that glass charm, it is incredible. The pieces are so delicate, but make just enough of a statement.

The chains included with these pieces are lovely, they even sparkle a little in the light. This is truly amazing craftmanship. It is so refreshing to learn of a designer who is giving back to the those in need.

Here are some of my favourites from the Sela Designs shop,

The Tagua Nut bracelet is gorgeous, look at the colours, this would be a fantastic piece to wear with almost anything, find it here.

The Tagua nut earrings in blue are just incredible, I can only imagine that this blue would look even more vibrant when this piece arrives at your door. Find it here

Please do the world a favour and go buy some of Sela Designs pieces right now.

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