Thursday 5 March 2015

Thursday How To- Decorate with Sweet Water Decor

Hello Gorgeous!

If you have been following my Instagram feed then you will know that I have had a fun project in the works. Today, I am finally going to tell you all what I've been up to, I am finally ready to create an office space in my house. I know you are thinking, really? You don't have an office?, well, no I do not have a designated office space in my house. Right now, I work a lot on my laptop in bed, or on my kitchen counter. I already have an office desk (it's dark wood so if you have any ideas how to spruce it up let me know), and that's about it. When I was planning the space, the first thing I wanted to start with was the artwork. I searched high and low to find the best of the best for you today and let me introduce you to Sweet Water Decor. A small business run by Melissa who creates the most eye catching prints along with, mugs, paintings, and other paper products such as invitations.  The best news for all of you, is that Melissa has given you all a special product code to buy one print ,get one print free (BOGO!) so you have to keep reading.

I chose a few of Sweet Water Decor's prints that I knew fit with my personal style and then printed them at my local grocery store that has a printing service (hint- always print matte). I chose a few frames and I think I still may switch a couple, but look how gorgeous these are. The colours are fantastic and the font all 'goes' without being too 'matchy matchy'. 

I always like to do flat lays on my floor to see what the pictures will look like when grouped together. I organized these a few times before deciding on this arrangement, I always try to balance colours and sizes of the frames so there is symmetry. I am NOT an interior designer, but I always like to experiment before the final hanging.

The print below, was custom made by Melissa, she is a creative genius as I told her what my idea was and she made it come to life! Feel free to ask her for a custom creation-maybe even the same one.

Now the BEST PART!! Melissa wants you all to have your own Sweet Water Decor prints, so head to her amazing Etsy shop here and use the code BOGO2. There is one BOGO2 code accepted per order, but you can order multiple times. The prints will come to you as a downloadable file (AWESOME!!) and then you can choose how to print it. The BOGO2 code is good until the end of April, so be sure to check the blog soon for another office update and I will remind you of this amazing offer.

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