Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tuesday Try This- The Florida Aquarium

Hello Gorgeous!
Do I have a treat for you today? Last week while I was in Florida I had the chance to visit the awesome Florida Aquarium. The Florida Aquarium is located in downtown Tampa in the Canalside area of the city. If you have not been to Tampa it is gorgeous, the architecture is lovely and the whole city is very clean. I can't even explain how excited I was to see the aquarium and to take my entire family with me. It has been years since I was in an aquarium and I know I got to see the best of the best marine life. I know you will love seeing these pictures as you read the rest of this post.

The Florida Aquarium has the most incredible outdoor space which you will see more of later but this picture gives such a gorgeous  view of the building itself.

I had to put one picture of the happiness on my son's face walking in, he is still talking about the fishes he saw especially one he called Mr. Grouper in honour of his favourite Bubble Guppies show.

Here is Mr. Grouper! This is one of the largest fish I have ever see it must have been at least 300 pounds. One thing that impressed me about the aquarium was how knowledgeable and helpful the staff is. There were many times I was observing a tank and a staff member would come over to me and give me extra information about the fish inside.

The stingray exhibit at the Florida Aquarium is gorgeous. These animals are so fascinating to watch, and believe it or not, you can touch them! I wasn't feeling very brave that day, but the hands-on option of this exhibit really sets it apart.

Charlie my son, loved watching the sharks. This shark is massive! You can see it's teeth a little bit in this picture but you definitely don't want to meet up with this creature.

These flashlight fish are so unique. They really do light up or glow in the water. I think we stood and watched for at least ten minutes.

The outdoor part of the aquarium is a child's dream come true! There is a HUGE water splash pad for children to play in. The best part, the gift shop sells most items you need for your child to play in case you forgot to pack them, or didn't know this gem of a waterpark was there. Charlie loved playing outside and getting soaked.

There is also a great restaurant outside that we had lunch at, my quesedilla was delicious! We all got some sort of a sandwich, our server was so friendly and took extra good care of our table.

The Florida Aquarium is an amazing place to see, one of the best attractions I have been to. There is so much to see, and there are shows scattered throughout the day so that you can see it all. I highly recommend going as a family as the kids will learn so much.

I thank the Florida Aquarium immensely for having my family attend, it was such a special day that we will never forget.

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