Tuesday 31 March 2015

Tuesday Try This- Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

 Hello Gorgeous!
I have finally found the perfect powder based foundation. I have looked long and hard, and tried many of these creations and every one has the same result on my skin. You know that caked on, used too much makeup look? That's normally what powder foundations does to my face. Until now...

I have been such a fan of the Urban Decay Naked liquid foundation that I thought I should give the powder based Naked foundation a try. While I was at Sephora recently I asked the makeup consultant to try it out on my face. She chose the colour that would be a good fit and 'voila!", it looked amazing on my skin.

The packaging is beautiful, the case if reflective (which is why you can see the flowers if you look closely, and it comes with a lovely purple carrying cloth case.

The inside of the case has the foundation well and a small sponge. The foundation itself goes on very smooth. I like to put the product on the sponge first and then buff it using my small powder brush. I find it gives a smooth almost airbrush look to my skin.

The formula is so lightweight I truly feel like I am wearing no foundation at all. The great thing is that you can easily build up this foundation to suit your skin's needs.

This is the powder brush I like to use with this product, it is small and lightweight, and blends the product flawlessly into my skin. You can find Urban Decay's Ultra Powder Foundation at Sephora.

Powder Brush-here


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