Sunday 31 May 2015

Sunday Summer School -M is For Monster (if you're a parent you need this)

Welcome to a great edition of Sunday School!  I know I have introduced you to some fabulous products but as a mom and teacher this one takes the gold medal.  M is for Monster is a subscription service that offers you the chance to provide educational activities for your child at home. Oh and ,"YES!" you can buy just one box if you want to try it, trust me you will be buying another. I received the May M is for Monster pre-school box and was immediately impressed with the organization. In the box came four coloured bags with a sticker for each week of May. There is also an activity breakdown so you know what to do with your child. In each weekly bag are all the items you will need for that week. Things like, a beach ball, snap easter eggs, markers, paint, and much much more are all included, you need to get NOTHING!

Here is a closer picture of the weekly breakdown, each week has a topic and three to four activity ideas to go along with it. Each activity has been carefully created to meet the developmental age of your child.

 Each item in the weekly bag is packaged so you know just what to do with it. These little flowers are just waiting to be put together.

The pages that come in each bag are very child friendly using colours and tactile items as part of the activities.

In my house we have just finished week 3 (these pictures were taken just when the box arrived so that you could all see how amazing they are). My son LOVES the activities and it has given us many ideas to do on a rainy day or when we have time after dinner. I am sure you all have times in the day when you are stuck for something to do with your child. As a teacher, this box couldn't be better, these are skills that I expect my junior and senior kindergarten children to know and this reinforcement is amazing. SO no where can you get a box of your own, here! You have the choice of three different aged boxes, and if you sign up for the newsletter your first box is only $20! Take a look below at a few of my son Charlie playing with the M is for Monster activities.

Here we are reading the story book that came with week 2, about a mouse hiding a strawberry from a bear.

After we read the story we practiced the letter S and put strawberry stickers all over the S paper.

We are feeding the frog which was an activity from week 1, to learn the numbers 11, 12, 13. I did make number cards 1-10 for this game as well, and it was a BIG hit! Head to the M is For Monster site now.

re you waiting for?

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