Tuesday 12 May 2015

Try This Tuesday- Bait Hair Perfume

Hello Gorgeous!
Today I have found another great product for my Try This Tuesday. I use this product many different ways and it always keeps me smelling lovely.  Bait Hair Perfume is one of the most unique products I have had the chance to try. Bait Hair Perfume is a Canadian based company offering the loveliest scents to add to your hair. Why do you need this ? (I know you're asking), have you ever had that day when you really don't want to wash your hair, but you want that fresh 'just washed' smell?, or have you gone for a walk, or workout and don't have time to wash your hair but want to make sure your hair smells lovely? I know you can answer yes to at least one of those questions. Bait Hair Perfume is great for the girl on the go! You have a choice of four different scents, daydreamer, femme fatale, heartbreaker, and skinny dipper.

Bait will refresh your hair in between washes without weighing it down. I absolutely love the day dreamer scent that you can see in the picture. I find I am using it as my everyday scent now.  It is a mix of orange, coconut, and vanilla and it is the perfect scent without being overpowering.

The Bait packaging was the biggest surprise of all, it's lovely and well thought out. Look at that gold topper! In the small tissue paper package are four mini sized bottles (more on that later).

Bait creates mini versions of all of their scents which come in very handy when travelling, to keep in an everyday bag, or as a gift! If I was in a wedding party this year I would be giving Bait Hair Perfume as a gift. Even if you're attending a bridal shower, why not give Bait, it's the perfect unique gift.

I love the Bait line and I know you will too, at a price point of $38 for a full size bottle it's well worth it as it will last you a long time.


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