Thursday 7 May 2015

Wantable - April Accessories Collection Review

Hello Gorgeous!
Have you wondered about the different subscription collections available? You can subscribe to get almost anything these days, some are monthly subscriptions others are quarterly and some you can choose when you get them and when you don't. Today I am thrilled to let you in on another hidden 'gem' of a collection, Wantable  is a beautiful new thing because you get to choose which monthly collection you will receive and the choices are amazing! Makeup, Intimates, Accessories, Fitness or Style are the choices Wantable offers so once you can decide what you want (it's so hard trust me), then you take a quick survey to help the Wantable stylists choose the items that will be just right for you!
I am reviewing the Wantable April accessories collection, which came with four lovely items, a necklace, two bracelets and a ring.

The necklace has gorgeous minty-teal beads and it hangs similar to a pendant length. I will admit this necklace is not personal style, but the quality is very nice. I wish the small fringe design elements were not on it.

This bracelet I have worn almost every day! The beads are a stunning blush colour and it is so easy to get on, even with the lobster clasp, This piece is a keeper!

The second bracelet in the collection is also a keeper. I have very small wrists and these bracelets are on the last clasp notch so there is lots of room to accommodate all sizes of wrists. OH and check the top right corner of the small Wantable black pouch and you will see the cutest circle gold ring. I love this! I am trying to up my ring game lately and this one really fits the bill for what I was looking for.

Wantable ran out of pouches in April (which are a gorgeous black velvet like material), so I look forward to getting a great necklace pouch soon.

Here are all three Wantable collection pieces I am in love with! I was shocked by how nice the quality is and I can't wait to get another collection!
Head over to the Wantable site right now and get your first collection today!!

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