Tuesday 16 June 2015

Try This Tuesday- Benefit Boutique Toronto + Re-Vamp Your 'Brows

Hello Gorgeous!
Do I have a Try This treat for you today! Whether you live in the Toronto area or not you will find something in this post that is useful for your makeup routine. Benefit Cosmetics has just opened up it's first Canadian boutique in Toronto, up at Yonge and Eglington. This boutique is a girl's fantasy, lots of pretty pink, gorgeous decor and the entire Benefit makeup line. What makes this boutique unique is you can stop in to have brow and esthetic services done. If you want waxing, makeup or even tanning services this is the place for you! I had the chance last week to attend the Bene Boutique opening and I can't wait to go back.

These mini dough-nuts and sandwiches were the perfect food compliment. Look at those dough-nuts, the flavour choices were unique, I am sure I ate about four.

Here is the always fabulous Courtney from La Belle Sirene taking some gorgeous pics.

As I mentioned the decor is stunning.  The white leather high back chairs, are so comfortable to sit in. Oh and look at these lovely ladies, Amanda Monty from Latest-Wrinkle and Courtney from La Belle Sirene.

We all got the chance to hear Jared Bailey share his eyebrow techniques. I have to say it was a real eye-opener to find out all things that I can do to up my eyebrow game. I am going to share a few products that have helped me improve the look of my eyebrows, but I now know I need my eyebrows tinted in order for them to look less sparse (I was the one who over-plucked many years ago).

The first eyebrow product changing my game is the Brow Zings. This product has two wells one for wax, and one for setting powder. I learned to use the wax on the hard angle brush to go over my eyebrows, and then use the blending brush with the setting powder to fill in any sparse areas. I love the wax based product in this small kit as it helps to tame fly away eyebrow hairs.

The next product I use after the Brow Zings is the Gimme Brow. This product is a volumizing fibre gel which helps to give my eyebrows a more 3-dimensional affect.

The last product I use is the "high brow". I use this to outline just below my brows to add that extra 'lift'. This product definitely requires blending but it's amazing.

Will you try any of these products? The next one on my list is the  Instant Eye Brow Pencil, I have spaces at the end of my brows that I know this will come in handy for filling in.

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