Tuesday 2 June 2015

Try This Tuesday- Dollar Shave Club

Hello Gorgeous!
My next amazing Father's Day Gift idea is the Dollar Shave Club. I know you have seen these advertisements before so now I am going to tell you my take on this interesting idea. Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that sends you razors each month for a great price point, as low as $3.50 a month. There are three different blade options, the twin, the 4X and the executive. In the box we received there were four of the 4X razors along with some really cool shaving products.

In our start up box there was shave butter, post shave, repair serum, 4x razors, and a razor handle. The Dollar Shave Club has it's own product line called Dr. Carvers and the packaging is awesome.

The post shave is used after shaving to help moisturize and prevent dryness. My husband loves this! He was pleasantly surprised by this product and has used it after every shave since getting it. There is little odour, which is great because I am picky when it comes to product smells.

 Our box also came with Shave Butter. My husband has never been sold on the shave butter idea, he did try it and still prefers the traditional shaving cream. The texture of this is very nice, I may just use this on my legs (I will keep you updated).
The Repair Serum is the clear winner. This product claims to reduce redness after shaving, and my husband and I noticed a big difference after he used it. I am sure this product will be bought again in my house.

Each Dollar Shave Club Box comes with four razors. My husband really likes the 4X razors, and has found they are great quality. He has been satisfied with his shave after using these 4X razors, as a mid range priced razor these definitely compete with some of the well known brand names.

Want to get your own Dollar Shave Club Box? Order today and the special father in your life will get a great surprise on Father's Day!

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