Thursday 30 July 2015

Luminess Air Review- Is it Makeup Perfection?

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Who has had their makeup done using an airbrush tool? Well I have, a few years ago as a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding. I absolutely loved it and always wondered how and where I could get my own airbrush tool. Today I have the answer! Luminess Air is changing the way we apply our makeup. The Luminess Air kit comes with the air brush console ( I was shocked how small it is), the airbrush stylo and a few containers of makeup to use with the Luminess Air kit. To read more about this great product head to Makeup To Die For.

There are so many choices in makeup that you can use with your Luminess Air. These are all lightweight formulas that definitely need to be shaken before using. Once the product is shaken it is ready to use!

To use the Luminess Air plug it in and turn it on! Then add a few drops of your product into the top of the airbrush stylo.

 You can see the top of the airbrush stylo here, and you will also notice a small lever button that moves forward and back. This little lever button controls the stream of the product that comes out of the airbrush stylo. When you push the lever button you want to hold it almost centered to get the most even stream out of your airbrush stylo. 

When you choose your makeup shade I recommend choosing a shade lighter than you think you need. I did find that the two shades I chose were a bit dark for my skin but looked perfect on my laptop screen. Choose carefully. The makeup goes on very thin as the formula is water based and you only need a few drops, and you can build up your foundation by adding more product as necessary. 

Here is my finished airbrush face, I am wearing the Luminess Air shade 3 and I used the blush that came with the kit. I love that the kit included blush, highlighter, and primer. You can see that the shade is a bit too dark on my skin but it does look lovely. I have an even tone and all I had to do was fill in my eyebrows. The entire Luminess Air process took me less than five minutes for a great everyday easy look. The makeup feels so light on my skin and it has been a great experience testing this product out! Want your own Luminess Air? Head here now!


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