Friday 24 July 2015

SkinnyMint- It's Tea Time!

Hello Gorgeous!
It's Tea Time Today! If you follow along on Instagram you know I have been trying out the SkinnyMint tea tox. There are many different tea toxes on the market these days as this is quickly becoming a new trend in weight loss. SkinnyMint is a twenty eight day tea tox and includes a morning tea and evening tea. So did I lose weight? I know that's what you all want to know, read on to find out.

The morning boost is a lovely fruity tea blend which I quite enjoyed. I had the morning boost each morning and I did notice that my appetite was suppressed and I had more energy. Many of you have asked me about the taste of tea, the morning boost is great!

The other part of the tea tox is to use the evening cleanse tea every other evening (so fourteen times). The taste of this tea is more minty and it did take me some time to get used to. I found that if I didn't let the tea steep too long the taste was perfect. The evening cleanse helps digestion and to get things 'moving down there' if you know what I mean. This cleanse definitely worked, but didn't leave me 'running' to the bathroom. I can honestly tell you that I liked the evening cleanse because it left me less bloated and took away that 'heavy' feeling.

So, did I lose weight? YES! Five pounds! I admit I wasn't being super strict with my food intake but SkinnyMint does work! I know I would have had an even greater weight loss outcome by choosing my food more carefully but I was happy with the results. Want to try SkinnyMint? Let me know if your thoughts.

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