Friday 3 July 2015

Smile Brilliant- Re-Inventing Your Smile

Hello Gorgeous!
I know you all would love to have whiter teeth, OR I will at least be honest, I think everyone wants to have a whiter smile. I have tried many whitening products that can be bought at your local pharmacy, so when I was approached to try Smile Brilliant I jumped at the chance. Smile Brilliant is at at-home whitening product that is very unique because you get to make personalized trays that are moulded to fit your teeth perfectly.

In your  Smile Brilliant box you will find whitening and desensitizing gels, base and catalyst paste and some VERY helpful information guides.

The first step to whiter teeth is to make moulds of your teeth.  The base paste and catalyst paste must be mixed together until a light blue shade is formed. The paste is then placed in the plastic mouth holder, then you are ready to make your teeth mould. Once your upper and lowers moulds are made (don't worry you get an extra set of base and catalyst paste in case you make an error), you have so ship the moulds back to Smile Brilliant. Why are the moulds shipped back you ask? Smile Brilliant will make your custom fitting teeth tray so that it fits your mouth perfectly.

The entire process of making your moulds, and getting your trays returned takes about 10 days (it was much faster than I expected). When your trays are returned to you, you also get a plaster mould of your teeth, mine are below. I admit seeing these was pretty cool.

Here are my teeth trays, I keep them in my Smile Brilliant container. Now onto the good stuff the whitening process! You place the whitening gel into the trays and then insert the tray in to your mouth. I will be honest the first time I did this I put too much gel in the tray and had A LOT of overflow. Now I use a smaller amount of gel when whitening. You can leave the trays in your mouth up to three hours, I find that I like to leave them in for around 90 minutes. 

When I have finished my whitening session I use the desensitizing gel to help hydrate my gums because the whitening gel can cause the gums to be a bit dehydrated. I have found now that I am using the whitening gel in a lesser amount I have not needed to use the desensitizing gel.

So, are my teeth whiter? YES! This is a great product to use and at a price of $120 it is well worth the purchase! I have used the product around five times now in separate whitening sessions, and I have another three or four to go in order for my teeth to be the shade I am imagining in my head.

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