Tuesday 21 July 2015

Try This Tuesday- Murad Skincare

Hello Gorgeous!
It is my great pleasure today to share an amazing skincare secret, Murad Canada is changing the skincare game one product at a time. Dr. Murad is considered a visionary by creating nineteen patents that will get your skin glowing from the inside out. I am so excited to share the products that I have been using for the last two weeks that have rejuvenated my skin.

The Intensive Vitamin C Peel works to diminish hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, while brightening the skin. This product is applied in a thin layer and stays on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes. I love this product, it does tingle a little but the formula goes on smooth and is very light on the skin. I admit I like to leave this on for around twenty minutes so that the peel has time to do it's job. My skin is definitely brighter and I know with continued use the redness in my skin will decrease even more than it already has.

The Murad Canada daily moisturizer with SPF is definitely my fave product. I was SHOCKED by how light the formula is. Most of the moisturizers with SPF are very heavy and go on greasy-like. The Murad moisturizer goes on smooth, is non-greasy, and best part, the SPF sunscreen smell is very minimal (you know what that smell is). This is a must-have in your skincare routine.

The exfoliating cleanser has been a pleasant surprise. The formula is grainy as you would expect an exfoliator to be, but this one doesn't leave my skin dry after using. I use it twice a week, as I find using an exfoliator daily tends to be too harsh on my skin. It massages into the skin easily and will leave your skin feeling cleansed. 

This Advanced Active Radiance Serum is now part of my daily routine. As a woman in her thirties I have found serums to be beneficial to my skin to help fight the signs of aging (as long as it's the right one). After two days of using this serum my skin looked refreshed, smooth, and bright (like I had slept a straight eight hours, as a mom you know that never happens). I tend to use this serum as a moisturizer due to the humidity in the air. To all you ladies out there, GET THIS!

The last Murad Canada I was able to try is the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes. This is a thicker formula and I admit I need to remind myself to put this on at night time, as I am not used to using eye cream. I have noticed that the darkness under my eyes is decreasing due to using this product regularly. I am lucky to not have a lot of eye wrinkles yet, BUT that doesn't mean I won't use this product. I want to combat the signs of aging before they happen.

Overall, Murad Canada offers a fantastic skincare line. The serum and the moisturizer I will be buying again. I highly recommend you take a look at the website here and shipping is free with code teach. GO ahead and try one product that you think will rejuvenate your skin, you won't be disappointed.

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