Friday 21 August 2015

Maybelline Better Skin Review

Hello Gorgeous!
Coming soon *within the month*  Maybelline Canada is releasing a new and improved Better Skin Superstay foundation and concealer formula. This new formula is enriched with ACTYL-C which is a nourishing vitamin extract. In as little as three weeks ACTYL-C will help improve your skin by reducing the appearance of bumps, pores, and redness. I get asked frequently what drugstore products I like to use and I am consistently surprised with the Maybelline Canada new releases. The Better Skin foundation and concealer did not disappoint. The foundation ($14.99) comes in 12 new shades  and the concealer ($10.99) is available in 6 new shades.

The Better Skin foundation comes in a sleek rectangular bottle with pump at the top to dispense the product. I tried the shade nude beige and this shade is a tad too dark for my skin, so I will be getting a shade lighter when the product is released for purchase. 

For a quick demo you can see on my cheek the coverage Better Skin provides. I did have blush on already and this foundation easily covered it. The formula is oil-free and very lightweight, and you can build up the amount of coverage to suit your skin. I recommend working quickly with the Better Skin Foundation product as it dries quickly.

Here is my cheek with the Better Skin foundation blended in. My skin does appear smoother with just a minimal amount of product. As always, the true test of makeup is how it looks a few hours after applying. This product SHOCKED me, my skin was glowing and looked incredible 6 hours after applying Better Skin. I am a very loyal fan to a different foundation, but this one has become a quick favourite.

As with any foundation you need a good concealer to hide dark areas. I tried the Better Skin in the light shade and this shade was perfect for me. Using the small sponge-tip applicator always brings back memories of my teenage years, and trying out makeup for the first time.

The Better Skin concealer formula is light, and I used it on top of the foundation. I found the coverage was decent, I definitely need to use more of the product than is shown here to get the coverage I am looking for.

One of my favourite ways to apply concealer is by blending it with my pinky finger ( I know, it may be a faux-pas) because I can get into all the small areas that need attention. You can see how lovely the light shade is on my skin, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like the Better Skin foundation and concealer.

Will you try Better Skin by Maybelline Canada? Leave me a comment!

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