Thursday 6 August 2015

Maybelline ColorBlur Review

Hello Gorgeous!
I get asked a lot about what drugstore products I use. You all like your products to be easily accessible at a price point that is more than reasonable. I love the Maybelline line because the products never seen to disappoint, and it was one of the first foundations I ever used back in my younger days. It was a foundation stick in the shade soft cameo and it was perfect for my skin tone. 
Today, I am sharing my love for the newest Maybelline lip product called ColorBlur. The lip ColourBlur is a matte lip pencil that has built in lip smudger. This lip pencil comes in ten shades and you can control the pigment you want. 

I love how this lip colour goes on, it is almost like a lip stain of sorts and I found the colour lasted a long time. The lip pencil goes on smooth and the fine tip allows you to guide the pencil exactly where you want it to go.

Here I have applied My My Magenta all over my lips and you can see how pigmented and bright this colour is. I then used the lip smudger on the other end of the pencil to blend the colour a bit so that it was a bit more subtle.

Here are the lovely swatches for My My Magenta, I'm Blushing (my fave), and I Like to Mauve It. You can see how lovely these colours are, and with ten to choose from you must check these out.

Maybelline products keep getting better and better, and I will continue to be browse the Maybelline display at my local store. These ColourBlur pencil are a great find and I highly suggest going out right now and trying one! For less than ten dollars what are you waiting for?


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