Thursday 13 August 2015

Songs of Summer (My Top 5!)

Hello Gorgeous!
Twice a year I love to give you an update on my favourite current songs . I love finding the newest and greatest songs out there and this summer did not disappoint. Again, I find myself listening to more up-beat music that makes me feel happy and keeps me motivated to keep up with my exercise routine. So here are my Top 5 songs that you need to listen to this summer.

5. I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times-Jamie XX

The title of this some sums is all up! This song is just all in all a good time! It's nice to see Jamie XX doing amazing things with his solo project from The XX and I know you'll love this tune.

4. Picture This- Kero Kero Bonito

I know we are going back to mid-springtime when I first heard this song but it's so awesome that I kept playing it all summer. I dare you not to have this stuck in your head all day.

3. Dreams- Beck

Well this is a banger of a Beck tune and it's so nice to see him getting back to some rock-pop inspiration again. I have been a very loyal Beck fan through the years and I love how eclectic his music is, and he always seems to push his musical boundaries with each album. It's hard to respect an artist who shows such a wide creative evolution.

2. Can't Feel My Face- The Weeknd

So here's the Canadian content portion of the countdown. The Weeknd also known as Abel Tesfaye has had a ground breaking 2015. I admit, I tried really hard not to like what The Weeknd has to offer but this song is just too great. Can't Feel My Face is a fabulous pop song, and hey, it's great to see a guy from Scarborough, Ontario having this much success.

1. Chvrches- Leave a Trace

Scottish band Chvrches almost had my choice for album of the year back in 2013, but nothing could touch Vampire Weekend that year. So maybe this will be Chvrches year, we will wait and see what their new album has in store. The first track released is Leave a Trace and it doesn't disappoint. Lauren Mayberry's haunting voice is getting better with time, and in this track the verses are stronger than the chorus. I admit, I was hoping for a more upbeat Chvrches track but after a few listens this song is so catchy it's hard to deny it the number one spot. So let me know if, "I got it wrong"?


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