Wednesday 23 September 2015

Getting Refreshed!

Hello Gorgeous!
It's a rare occasion that I find a skincare line that I love and since I started blogging I have found a few gems in the skincare market.  As you know, I never blog about a product unless I personally use it myself. Refresh Botanicals is an all natural organic skincare line, free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and gluten.  The entire skincare line offers an all encompassing skincare routine that is sure to improve the look of your skin.

In the Refresh Botanicals line you will find a foaming cleanser, toner, daily moisturizer, intensive serum, night-time restore complex, eye and makeup remover, and a B.B. cream.
I am in love with the facial cleanser, first off, I love the smell. The cleanser is quite gentle, with no exfoliating beads. I find that since my skin still gets break-outs, this cleanser is perfect to help ensure that my skin is getting the care that it needs. The toner goes hand in hand with the cleanser and is also gentle on the skin. The toner does not 'sting' the skin, yet it leaves my skin feeling tighter. My favourite product is the makeup remover. After using the Refresh Botanicals makeup remover my skin did not feel like it was dry, and my makeup came off easily (and I use some heavy duty mascara and eye liner).
The intensive serum and night time complex, helped to make my skin look refreshed in the morning. I found that the serum was my go-to during those humid days. Now that the weather has changed I will be using both products at night-time.
The moisturizer is light on the skin, and I found that I did need to use extra product. The product soaked up quickly on my skin. The moisturizer smells amazing and overall I was very satisfied with it.
The Refresh Botanicals line is a great option if you are looking for a product that is going to be gentle on your skin. I noticed that my skin responded well by appearing more even and dew-y. The entire line is only $120 which is a total steal if you know what other skincare lines are charging. If you are wanting to choose a few products to start, definitely the facial cleanser, makeup remover, and intensive serum are must-haves!


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