Monday 14 September 2015

Try This Tuesday-Air Patrol by Benefit Cosmetics

Hello Gorgeous!
If you've been a reader for a while then you know that I never share a product on the blog that I do not truly love and use. The product that I am reviewing today I use every morning during my makeup routine and it is magic! Of course it is by Benefit Cosmetics, and it is called Air PatrolAir Patrol is a BB cream eyelid primer, with a neutral yellow tone that is appropriate for all skin tones. I must confess before trying Air Patrol I used NO eye lid primer, and thought that I didn't need it.  This product has changed my thinking so read on and let me tell you why you need to use Air Patrol too.

The Air Patrol product is packaged in a sleek tube with extraordinary details. The wing like lid, grey coloring, and font all are reminiscent of war times. When you take the lid off you will notice a soft applicator tip, this makes Air Patrol easy to apply. With one turn click at the bottom of the bottle, just the right amount of product is released. I will be honest, I use my pinky finger to apply Air Patrol because that is what feels comfortable to me.

Air Patrol has a nude/yellow tone to it as you can see on my hand. The product sets quickly and then the magic happens!

When you apply your eyeshadow on top of Air Patrol, the result is astounding. The BB cream enhances the eye shadow colour, making it look brighter and more vivid. Air Patrol also makes sure that your eye shadow stays put all day with no fading. 

My hand swatch in this picture tells it all. The swatch on the top of my hand has no Air Patrol BB cream primer under it, and the bottom swatch has the Air Patrol under it. If this difference doesn't convince you to go buy this product right now then send me an e.mail I will happily send you more pictures. As an anecdote, I was at Sephora this past weekend and there was an Air Patrol even happening but it had just ended. I was so excited to see it in the store that I showed one of the Sephora beauty experts how it works and she was blown away! 

This product is hands down one of the best additions to my beauty collection. I am dreading the day when I run out, as I know I will be running out to get a re-fill. Let me know, will you try Air Patrol?


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