Thursday 29 October 2015

Scent Trunk Review

If you have been a loyal reader then you know I love to review the best subscription boxes on the market. One of my faves is a Canadian company called Scent trunk. For only $18 a month you get a curated scent box customized for you. Scent Trunk asks you to fill in a short survey to learn what scents you like (and more importantly do not like). You receive three small spray bottles on heavily concentrated scents (that means you don't need a lot).

The scents I got in this box I absolutely LOVE, I got Coconut Sugar, Pavane No.1, and Red Cattleya. All of these scents I was impressed with and as always with Scent Trunk the less you use the better. 

The Coconut Sugar scent is definitely my fave in this box. It honestly smells delicious, sweet, and pleasing. 

Scent Trunk works with some of the most talented perfumers in the world to give you a subscription box that is 'out of the box' in their philosophy.

Scent Trunk believes in giving back and right now is donated a portion of proceeds to fighting depression. It is always inspiring to learn of a company that is making sure to give back and attempt to better society. Scent Trunk is definitely worth a purchase, so what are you waiting for?

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