Thursday 12 November 2015

Spark Sessions- Better Blogging

Running a blog is definitely a full time job, I get home from work and then start my 'other' job. The blog is a passion project for me and all the amazing things that have come out it have been so unexpected. I am so thankful that you stop in and read my blog, or follow me on social media. So where is this all leading? Each year in Toronto there is a conference especially for bloggers to learn tips and tricks of the trade. This conference is called Spark Sessions, and is organized by an incredible team of bloggers. Spark Sessions provides bloggers a chance to learn new social media platforms, network with other bloggers and company sponsors. This past weekend I was able to attend Spark Sessions at St.James Cathedral in Toronto.

This year's Spark Sessions had us learning about, how to use Pinterest more effectively, Instagram Trends, the Periscope platform, and how brands work with us. Learning about Pinterest is always eye opening to me because I am lacking on that social media platform so I now know I need to step it up!

It was great to see Refresh Botanicals there because this skincare line is fantastic and it is definitely worth trying if you haven't already.

Did you know there is an organization that works directly in cancer care centres to help women learn makeup tricks that are going through treatment? Me neither! Beauty Gives Back works directly with women who are receiving cancer treatments and are a true feel good organization. Beauty Gives Back strives to make women feel great by providing them the tools and products that allow them to feel beautiful! This organization is doing fantastic things and I was thrilled I had the chance to meet with them.

Every blogger who attends Spark Sessions gets a gift bag to take home with them, a sort of thank you for coming parting gift. The products in these bags are amazing so keep reading to find out what is in these pink and white bags.

Here we are learning about Instagram trends from a panel of very talented bloggers. Instagram is presently the most popular social media platform, and if your pictures are not perfection it is very hard to have a strong following on this platform. PSSST- I am going to share some special news with you all. The girl in the red skirt runs an amazing talent agency for influencers called Shine Influencers and if you head to the website you may see a familiar face who has signed on with this agency.

Not onto the best part of Spark Sessions! THE SWAG BAG!! It honestly is like Christmas bringing this heavy bag home. Take a look and let me know what your fave item is!


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