Tuesday 3 November 2015

Try This Tuesday- Charlotte Tilbury Makeup (3 Looks!)

Hello Gorgeous!
I have another confession to tell you all, I am not makeup inclined in the least. I love makeup and trying new makeup but do I know what I am doing with it? Absolutely NOT! I always look for makeup products that are user friendly, and are of great quality. Today, I am so excited to share a line of makeup created by one of the leading makeup artists in the business Charlotte Tilbury. Aside from skincare products, Charlotte Tilbury has created ten iconic makeup looks. Each look comes in a gorgeous makeup bag and has all the necessary products (minus foundation, concealer and application brushes), you need to look amazing! The products included are, an eye shadow quad palette, mascara, eye liner pencil, blush, lip liner, lipstick and lip laquer. All products are carefully chosen to create an iconic look.

Look 1 -The Uptown Girl
This look would be fantastic on all skin tones, and compliment any eye colour. The eye shadow tones are pearls and greys, the blush is a gorgeous glowing pinky/peach, and the lipstick is a nudey/pink (and has made me a fan of nude lippys). You can see below this is a fresh faced look for daytime, and can be easily transformed to a night time look.

To create the look click here which will take you to a list of products that are included in the Uptown Girl. 

The eyeshadow quad palette in this look is mostly grey/nude tones and the colours are pigmented quite well. The top left is the prime shade which is used all over the lid, the top right is the enhance shade which is used in the crease and on the lid (you can make it as enhanced as you like). The lower left shade is the smoke colour which is to be used on the lash line and even the far corners of the eye. Finally, the bottom right shade is the pop colour which is used to pop the centre of the lid after you are finished your look. For the look above I used the prime shade, a small amount of the enhance shade and the pop shade for extra sparkle. I think it's the perfect amount for a daytime eye.

Here are the eyeshadow swatches, prime, pop, enhance and smoke colours, You can see how pearly these are on my arm,

I find blush to be my favourite beauty product, after having my son I was so tired through the newborn days that just putting on some blush in the morning made me feel more like myself again. This blush is called Love Glow and all Charlotte Tilbury blushes have an outer rim colour and an inner pop colour. You can swish the outer rim, apply it and then pop your cheek with the inner colour, or swish it all around. This shade is amazing and really does give that inner glow to your cheeks. I can not recommend this product enough, I'm obsessed with it.

Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick's have changed my mind about lip colours in general. I could never find the perfect nude shade until this one called Bitch Perfect came along. The texture is smooth and velvety and has a semi-matte finish. I am using this one daily. If you are choosing ONE item only from this line make it be this lipstick.

Here are the swatches for the Love Glow Blush, the Bitch Perfect lipstick and the Pink Venus lip liner.

Look 2- The Ingenue
This is another classic daytime look that can easily be transformed into night time by adding a bit more of a cat eye wing using the eye liner pencil. I love the colour of this lipstick, and the eye shadow is actually the colour chameleon eye crayon (more on that later), in a champagne shade.

The Ingenue uses most of the same products as the Uptown Girl look, only changing the eye shadow and lipstick colour. The eye shadow used is the colour chameleon eye pencil in champagne diamonds. This colour is specifically for blue eyes, and there are eight colours to choose from, two for each eye colour. This eye pencil has very pigmented colour and is super easy to use, imagine colouring on your eye. The lipstick colour for the Ingenue look is coachella coral and it is a lovely coral shade that I am sure would look amazing on all skin tones.

Here are the swatches for, coachella coral lipstick, the colour chameleon in champagne diamonds, and the Love Glow blush.

This is definitely my favourite look. The red-garnet tones are fantastic to work with, and if you have green or hazel eyes this may just be the look for you too.

Here are all the products in the Vintage Vamp look. The eye shadow quad contains gorgeous garnet and gold tones, and the lipstick in Night Crimson is just red enough (and trust me can be used for daytime).

Below are swatch pictures of the eye shadow quad, blush, lipstick, lip liner, and eye liner. Again, the colours are heavily pigmented and look fantastic together.There was definitely a lot of thought put into planning these looks.

One of these looks retails for around $200, but for all that you are getting I feel the value is great. If you aren't able to purchase a full look here are my must-haves, and have-nots.

Must Haves!
1. Blush in Love Glow
2. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect or any other colour, the formula has really impressed me.
3. Eye Shadow Palette, the four colours are well planned and easy to use.

*** Please know I was impressed with the entire line but if you have to skip items here is what I suggest****

1. Lip Laquers- I feel the lipsticks are so much more practical.
2.Mascara- I have found comparable products out there

SO let me know, will you try Charlotte Tilbury's line? What would you buy? Shop the items below:


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