Tuesday 2 February 2016

New In- Beauty

Hello Gorgeous!
Today I am going to run down a few of the newest beauty products that have hit stores. Which ones do you need? Which ones can you pass on? Keep reading to find out, and see my regular makeup routine.

I have never been one to use a primer because of my larger pores primers tend to look cake-y on my skin. Well I finally found my perfect primer. The best one I have found is the NYX Pore Filler. This product goes on smooth and wears nicely all day, it really does give my skin a flawless look. For $13.99 this is a total steal.
Maybelline just released the Velvet Dream Foundation. This foundation is definitely a medium to full coverage and goes on matte while still feels hydrating on the skin. This is a fantastic formula, and a little goes a long way. My skin looks smooth, not cake'y and when used with the Pore Filler primer, it turns into the perfect combination. For $15 the Velvet Dream is a must try.
Now onto brows, Anastasia just released a Brow Definer Pencil. What's different about this one? Well the tip of the pencil is shaped perfectly to fill in your brows in a simple motion. I LOVE this product, my brows are regularly very sparse, as you can see in an above picture, and this product fills them in easily and make my brows appear 'real'.

The Brow Definer is a great easy product to use, it is hard to recommend a 'dupe' of this one because of the shape of the pencil. 
Maybelline's Master Contour palette claims to make contouring easier said than done. You can see there is a contour shade, a blush shade and a highlight shade. This is the light/medium palette and the blush is a gorgeous deep pink shade that has a lot of pigment so go easy.
I really like the contour shade, I recommend using your favourite contour brush with this palette. The Master Contour comes with a brush, but it's too small to do much with except maybe highlight.

The blush shade is lovely, I tend to blend it out with my finger tip at times to help make the blush colour look more 'flushed'. Now there are a lot of contour palettes out there, the Maybelline one performed nicely and is a great all in one set.
When I saw this next product I squealed with excitement. This is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Two Tone Blush. I got a lot of questions about this on Instagram and I absolutely LOVE THIS!! The product is pigmented perfectly, is so smooth and is one of the only blushes that lasts eight hours on my skin. If you are looking to purchase one of these blushes some of the colours will be too light for light to medium skin.
The two tones in this blush are fantastic! This colour is called Bonnie and Clyde, and these shades really work well with my skin tone. My cheeks are instantly brighter, and the shade helps me look 'fresh'.
Next up! Joe Fresh recently launched their makeup line in Shoppers Drug Mart, and I had the chance to test out a few products. The first is the mascara and the wand is similar to a cone shape. I was quite skeptical about this product but I actually like it. Are there other mascaras out there like this? Of course! The Joe Fresh one goes on well, and even better comes off easily. I do find I am playing with the wand to make sure all my lashes are covered evenly.
Now onto liquid lipsticks! YAY I love the Maybelline Vivid Mattes. Don't be scared of these colours as they don't go on as bright as the packaging appears. 
I am still learning how to apply this product evenly, so you can see I am using my finger to help even it out. This colour is Electric Pink, and it is a great pink shade when it is on. The liquid lipsticks dry quick and I found the colour lasted a decent amount of time.
This is Berry Boost! Again it appears brighter in the bottle than it goes on.
This is a lovely shade of reddish pink and I think this would look amazing with most skin tones. I think Maybelline has a great product in the new Vivid Mattes.
Now to compare liquid lipsticks! This is the L'Oreal Pro Matte Gloss, this also comes in a variety of different colours and appears brighter than it goes on. This is the shade Fushia Amnesia and I have to be honest I like the Maybelline option better. I find the applicator a bit awkward to use, I wish the shape was similar to the Maybelline one.
This colour is fantastic on, but I found the Maybelline product lasted longer.
Onto eye shadows, the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Palettes are my fave! This one is called Lolita and offers more neutral shades. These shadows are amazing, so smooth and go on fantastic. The shades are easy to blend, and while I know the price is a bit steep this palette is fantastic.
Here is my normal daytime eye makeup, simple and easy. I used the far left colour, the darkest shade and the sparkle shade in the middle. I love the natural look, and all that is left is for me to wipe the sparkle excess of my inner nose area ha ha.
This Joe Fresh highlight shade is lovely. It is a great fun colour to use on your upper cheek bones, and highest points of your face. It adds just enough highlight, never over powering. I think there are other product options that do the same thing but this is a nice option.
And VOILA! Here is the finished look!

So what will you be rushing out to buy?

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