Tuesday 12 April 2016

New In Beauty- The Estee Edit

Hello Gorgeous!
"Beauty is an attitude" has been the motto and inspiration for Estee Lauder to create incredible beauty products for the last 70 years.  Estee Lauder has been consistently pushing the beauty boundaries and today it is a pleasure to share the newest addition to the Estee Lauder brand. The Estee Edit is a collection curated by Kendall Jenner and blogger Irene Kim, and aims to target a younger generation of beauty lovers.  When The Estee Edit reached out and asked if I wanted to try a few products in the 82 product line I was immediately excited. Spoiler Alert: this line is changing the beauty world with some revolutionary products.

First up! Kendall Jenner has created an eyeshadow palette with a great variety of shades so no matter what your skin tone is this palette will work for you. There are two larger shade transformers that work to either lighten your eye shadow shade during the day, while at night these colours enhance your eye shadow under black light. So when you are out with girls, the silver and gold backlight transformers amp up your eye shadow.
The other shades in the palette can be used from left to right to create a gorgeous smoky eye look and as you can see the shades go from light to dark. I LOVE that I can easily swish both shades to get a great eye shadow option. This palette is fantastic and is definitely worth a buy.
Beam Team Hydrate and Glow is a moisturizing illuminator that provides the right amount of highlight giving skin a natural glow. Beam Team comes in a tube with a pop up top that has an extra of punch of illumination. I love that this product can be used as a moisturizer OR a primer and as someone with larger pores Beam Team doesn't enhance pores like some illuminators can do. The little pot of gold a the end of the tube is used to give your skin that extra sun kissed affect.

The Flash Photo Powder was the one product I was most skeptical about. I mean look at it, it's light blue. This powder is supposed to brighten your skin and give an illusion of photo ready flawless skin. This product is AMAZING! It has been the one product that I can't believe I lived without. I use it everyday on top of my makeup and the blue shade does lighten and brighten my skin. I feel that my skin looks flawless and so much better after using the Flash Photo Powder.
Going hand in hand with the Flash Photo Powder is the Flash Photo Gloss. This is a lip gloss that has the same blue shade as the photo powder. This lip gloss can be used alone or over lipstick and the light blue shade makes teeth look instantly whiter. This is a great idea and a total must have for anyone that has a special event to attend.
Another product that has changed my beauty game is the Pore Vanishing Stick. This product truly makes pores vanish and can be used under or over makeup, but I love to use it alone for those days when I don't want to use foundation but I still want to look flawless. The Pore Vanishing Stick evens out my skin tone and goes on smooth without settling into pores like some other poreless products do.
The Estee Edit has a few products in the line that are perfect for the days when you want to have a barely there makeup look. There are perfect nude shades for your cheeks and lips and this barest lip color has the perfect amount of pigment. There are five nude shades to choose from and this one is called In the Buff and it is a darker nude mauve. It is a lovely colour, I will admit I am more a lighter shade of lipstick kind of girl so I can't wait to hit Sephora and try the other lighter nudes because I know one of those will be my perfect match!
I was completely shocked by how much I love this line, the products are pushing the beauty world forwar and honestly if I could have the whole line I totally would. I definitely fell in love with The Estee Edit and I know you will too.

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