Friday 13 May 2016

Drugstore Must-Haves

Hello Gorgeous!
Let's end this week with some of my favourite must haves from your local drugstore.  From brands  like OlayCover Girl, and Quo I know you will find something perfect that you will love just as much as I do.  Drugstore beauty aisles can be totally overwhelming if you do not know what you're looking for. As we all know, having some insider tips always helps when making decisions between many different beauty brands.

First up are my favourite picks for skincare from Olay. I will admit Olay was a line I totally overlooked when shopping at my local drugstore because for many years I didn't think these products were supposed to be used in my age group. WOW! Was I ever wrong......
Olay has an extensive line of skincare options to suit all needs from oily to dry. The Fresh Outlasts body wash has become my new favourite because it truly does 'last'. I love this new lime and white tea scent, and as always a little goes a long way.
The Olay Complete Moisturizer has answered all my skin needs by including SPF 15 in the bottle. This is a lightweight moisturizer that lasts all day, and it's perfect for my combination/oily skin. The last thing I want to do is put more oil on my skin and this moisturizer works to keep the oil away.

The Olay Daily Facial Cloths have been a huge surprise! I normally always steered clear of any sort of facial cloth because I thought my cleansers could do better. Well again, I was wrong, these cloths cleanse, tone, scrub, and mask all in one. I was skeptical that these cloths could make my skin smoother in one week, but again I am loving my results so far.
Lastly, I was most surprised with the Olay 7 Total Effects Moisturizing Cream. I know it says that this is a day moisturizer on the website but I am using it as a night cream as the consistency is a bit thicker. I am in love with the results, my skin is looking great in the morning, refreshed and almost glowing. I can not be happier with this product.
Next up are my fave new spring products from the Quo line of cosmetics. First off, Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive brand that I am consistently impressed with. I love the quality of the products and the price point is totally reasonable. Personally my fave new item from Quo is this eye shadow palette. First off, I love how big the palette sizes are, and look at these purple tones. The pigment in these colours is lovely and the eye shadow formula is easy to blend. This eye shadow palette does come in a few different colour tones so make sure you take a peek next time you're in Shoppers.

I am also loving the Holy Grail Mascara, not just for it's hot pink packaging. This mascara fluffs and extends lashes to give the fullest lashes possible. This mascara goes on easy (and comes off rather easy too with the right remover), but stays all day without clumping. 
Lastly, I am in love with this dual ended eye brightener and eye brow enhancer pencil. The more peachy coloured end is used under your brows to lift and enhance your brow arch, which the white side is used on the corners of your eyes,  or on your tear line under your eyes to brighten and make your eyes appear even more refreshed. I love the idea of this pencil because it's a two in one giving you more beauty options.
So what do you need to be buying from Cover Girl? First things first, get this nude eye shadow palette today! It's as good as any luxury brand's version and the colours are fantastic! I have been using this almost daily since getting it (can't you tell by the palette pictures?). The nude tones are perfect with any skin tone and this palette is by far the best nude palette I have used yet.
Below the nude palette you will see a sneak peek at the newest Katy Perry Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks. YES! Katy Perry has collaborated with Cover Girl so you can see her line at your local drugstore. I love the lipstick colours she chose for her line.

I love my blush and this Cover Girl Tru Blend blush is the perfect shade of pink for me. You can see the blush has a marbled effect to deliver a multi toned effect on the skin so you always look like you're naturally 'blushing' . Tru Blend blush comes in three shades and trust me you want to try it.
SO now it's your turn.. let me know your fave drugstore beauty find, or which one of these picks you will be trying....

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