Thursday 10 November 2016

It's a Miracle!

Hello Gorgeous!
It's no secret I am getting older, I have hit the big 4-0! As much as this number has scared me I am embracing it. We all know that as we get older so does our skin, and today I am going to share with you my secret to great looking skin at 40.  Miracle 10 Skincare claims to improve your overall skin in just 10 hours. Alright, alright I know you're saying ,"really, 10 hours", but yes it's true! I have had such great results with this skincare line that I know you will too. When you head to the Miracle 10 Skincare site you will see a Skin Analysis category on the main toolbar. I highly recommend taking this quick questionnaire to help you find the perfect products for your skin.

My perfect skin match is the Acne Prone Line, and I received the travel kit. The travel kit has everything you need to target the needs of your skin. The acne prone kit comes with a cleanser, a solution (similar to a toner), AHA gel, light serum, and a Veil moisturizer.
The cleanser is amazing, first of all it has little to no smell which I love. I feel like my skin is well cleansed after using it. The cleanser is a smooth consistency, no exfoliant here, but it does a fantastic job! A little goes a long way.
Solution II is similar to a toner, I apply this using a cotton pad after I have cleansed my face. This product has a tightening feeling, and I find it gets rid of an extra residue on my face if I missed a spot cleansing.

The AHA gel works to reduce lines and wrinkles, while minimizing the look of pores. This product is my dream come true, as I have large pores. This product is a lovely smooth consistency and in just one night I noticed my skin was brighter and toned.
Lastly, the light serum and veil work to nourish and moisturize the skin. I love both of these products. The light serum is perfect for the morning while I use the veil (which is a thicker moisturizer) at night. I make sure to use both of these products on my neck to as I feel it can't hurt right?

I have had great results with Miracle 10 so much so that I want you to see for yourself. Keep reading to see my before and after photos. The before photo was taken at night, and the after photo was taken in the morning after using Miracle 10. Please know that no retouching was done to these pictures. The largest difference is my eyelids, look how dark they are in the before picture!

Before Photo

After 10 Hours! I love how much brighter my skin is and it looks so refreshed.


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