Thursday 29 December 2016

How to Look Your Best in Photos

Hello Gorgeous!

SHHHH!! Today I am letting you in on one of my biggest blog secrets. If you have been following/reading my blog for a while you may already know this secret or maybe you don't and I've just been doing a great job hiding it. My big blog secret is that..... I actually wear glasses and I mean I wear glasses all the time! The only time I don't wear glasses is for my blog photos and the odd time when I am going out in the evening.
(This post has been sponsored by Alcon, all opinions are my own).

Now, I know you're all asking "Why don't you wear glasses in your photos? Are you embarrassed to wear your glasses?" The answer to these questions is rather simple, I am NOT embarrassed to wear my glasses in photos, but the truth is the lenses on my glasses often give off glare that never photographs well. I find when I am shooting I am always squinting at the photographer (my blogger bestie Amanda from Latest-Wrinkle) and then I am rushing to put my glasses back on so I can take her outfit photos. Many, many, many times I have left my glasses somewhere and then have to go back to search for them, or I forget about them altogether.

The easiest answer to my problems is to wear contact lenses during photo shoots and on a daily basis, but as my eyes are getting older finding the right lens contact lens is getting more challenging. I have reading glasses and my regular everyday glasses for near-sightedness, so finding a contact lens that can do both has been impossible until now! 

Alcon has developed a multifocal contact lens that is tailored to meet the needs of people who have presbyopia, the normal aging change in the eye that results in the inability to focus on objects up close, so you (and I) can glasses for good! Alcon Dailies Total1 multifocal contact lenses work with your eye's pupil to correct your vision whether you need to see near, or far or in-between. 

These contact lenses are going to be my photo saviour in the New Year when I am back to regular outfit photo shoots. Now onto my favourite tips for taking amazing photos!

1. TRY NOT to wear glasses- some people have great luck wearing glasses in photos, I am not one of them, as the lenses add too much glare. This is where the Alcon Dailies Total multifocal contact lenses come in handy.

2. Shoot in natural light, if you're indoors always face a window.  This will make your skin look gorgeous!

3. Try not to over-pose. Just be yourself, move around, jump, walk, twirl and laugh. My favourite photos are always the ones with movement. I think they look the most natural.

4. Smile!


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