Monday 17 April 2017

A Tale of Two Tops (Zara vs. SheIn)

Hello Gorgeous!

Well now this is a post I have been wanting to do for a very very long time. Some of the most frequent questions I get asked are about budget friendly clothing sites like SheIn. Many of you want to know about the quality, shipping time, fit, and more, so today I will try to clear up some of the mystery around the budget clothing sites. SO for today let's keep the discussion about the clothing site SheIn (I won't recommend any of the other budget sites except Chicwish as I have had personally good experiences with both). First off, the quality from the SheIn clothing site isn't actually terrible. With prices that seem to good to be true please remember, in most cases you get what you pay for, but the clothes are definitely wear-able. As for the sizing, many items are sized smaller than you might be used to, so definitely take your measurements (chest, waist, hips), and compare your numbers with the size chart provided for each item. Now onto shipping, well let's be honest it used to be a horrendously long wait, but lately shipping has become a lot quicker from SheIn. It is now takes less than two weeks to get to me in Canada if the item I buy says priority shipping on it. This is huge improvement! 
Yes, I know the clothing looks absolutely fabulous and it's on trend, some is even replicated exactly from stores like Zara (more on that later), but be mindful that the SheIn version isn't going to be exactly the same. The material might be different, and/or the sizing might be different. 
So today let's explore two tops that are mirror images of each other, the top on the right is from Zara ($50 CAN), and the top on the left is from SheIn ($30 CAN). I bet you couldn't tell the difference by looking at them if you weren't told.
Overall, the embroidery work on each top is rather nice. There are no loose threads on either top, and any difference is very minimal. The biggest noticeable difference is in the feel of these tops. I know you can't physically feel them but the  fabric used in the Zara top feels softer and is a heavier weight. The SheIn top doesn't feel as nice, and the fabric is a bit thinner overall, does it make it unwearable? not at all. The fabric used for the SheIn top makes it a bit more sheer, but I still do not have to wear a tank under it.

The biggest difference in these tops is the fit. I found the SheIn top a bit tight across my chest. I ordered the size that was a few cm's smaller in my chest area and I should've went with the larger size. I guess I was hoping the fabric would have some stretch. I found that the SheIn top wasn't as long on me and just didn't have the over sized blouse look that the Zara top has. All in all, the SheIn top is quite nice, but the Zara top has won a place in my closet, and I find I wear it all the time. In this case the Zara top was well worth the extra $20!

Don't be scared of SheIn's site. There are great clothes on it, and like I said the prices are really a dream come true! If you see a replica top on the SheIn please know that it will look almost identical, but the fit and fabric will be different than what you will get at the originating store. I am always happy to answer your questions, or help you hunt down a more reasonably priced item that could be identical to the higher priced item. So for now, happy shopping!


  1. Is there a way to easily find Zara dupes on shein?

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