Sunday 16 April 2017

Lush Life

Hello Gorgeous!
I hope you all had a great long weekend. What better way to start off the week than to share a brand I have a loyal fan of for probably 15 years. Lush was founded after a company in Canada called Cosmetics to Go was no longer financially viable. The Constantine brothers who created Cosmetics to Go, then founded Lush which was based on products from the Cosmetics to Go Line. Today, Lush is known for it's colourful bath bombs, simple, (almost naked) packaging, and a plethora of skin and hair care products.
Have you ever been into the Queen St. W Lush Toronto Store? I swear you can smell the products from across the street. I have tried many of the Lush products over the years and my favourite by far I can't even share a picture of because it can only be bought in stores. The cupcake face mask is my absolute must-have Lush product. Every Lush store sells fresh face masks in the refrigerator that are only useable for up to two weeks. 
So onto today, I have a few great Lush products to share so read on!
The Lush haircare range is quite extensive. You can find a product to suit you specific hair care needs quite easily. The Hair Custard has become a quick fave of mine to tame fly aways, and style hair from damp or dry.
The Blousey shampoo, and American Cream conditioner, work to cleanse and revitalize the hair. The products all smell amazing, and are made with natural ingredients. I often switch up my haircare routine and these products are great for frequent use or when you need to give your hair a re-boot.
The Lush skincare line has been a staple in the company for many many years! With exfoliants, scrubs, cleaners, toners, moisturizers I know you will find the perfect product for your skin type. I am in love with the Imperials facial moisturizer, it is very hydrating and I find it helps to balance out my skin tone. Oh and did you know Lush has makeup? Yep! I was able to try a few of the lip colours, and WOW do these pack a colour punch. The pink shade that you see here has a metallic finish to it, which if you haven't hear is the latest lip colour trend.
Lush is so much more than bath bombs, and soaps, the wide range of beauty products will surely surprise you. OH and if you can get into a Lush store, you will find the staff full of knowledge to help you get the right products.


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