Monday 12 June 2017

Why I Love (and sometimes hate) The Skirt

Hello Gorgeous!

Happy Monday! Do you have a favourite clothing item that you love and kinda hate at the same time? Maybe it's shorts, heels, undergarments, etc, well mine is the skirt. I love wearing them but my body shape isn't so friendly to them. I always find I need to go up a size in skirts due to the hugging around my waist that can often led to an unflattering outfit.
Today I am actually in LOVE with this skirt. I always look for skirts with a wider flat waistband. If the waistband is paper bag like, or ruffled, or too thin I won't even try that skirt on. Those waistbands tend to not flatter my body shape at all. So let me know your thoughts on the skirt? Or any other clothing items you love (but kinda hate).
Get the Look:


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