Wednesday 16 August 2017

All About That Lip

Hello Gorgeous!

It's beauty time today! One of the things I truly love about blogging is being able to try some of the newest beauty products on the market. I feel very lucky to receive some of the best in beauty just as the products are hitting the stores. Bare Minerals is a brand that is synonymous with the mineral foundation powder. This was the first product I ever tried from Bare Minerals and over the years the brand has become an all encompassing beauty product line. I will admit, I have not tried many of the Bare Minerals products so it was a real surprise when these new lipsticks showed up.
Bare Minerals now offers 10 shades of matte lipsticks, and 10 shades of luxe shine lipsticks. First off, I am a matte lipstick lover, I have very small lips and the matte colours tend to work better with my lip size. Bare Minerals has an awesome selection of matte colours from nude, to pink, to red, to deep berry tones. I find the matte colours are long lasting and are nicely concentrated. The 'juicy' matte colour seems to be my go to lately for a nice 'pop' of lip colour.
The luxe shine lipstick colours are equally gorgeous, and as maybe expected the colours aren't as long lasting as the matte lipsticks are. Don't be scared of the luxe shine title, these lipsticks have just the right amount of shine, and are definitely not as shiny as a traditional lip gloss.
Overall, I love the Bare Minerals lipsticks, and for $19, they are a great price point. I know you'll be able to find your perfect shade.


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