Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Most Flattering Dress Is.....

Hello Gorgeous!

Happy Saturday! It's nice to be get a post done on the weekend as it seems like lately the weekend is when I can do some work on the blog. For those that have been following me for a while or if you're a new reader, then you must have picked up that I love dresses! Why? Well a dress is one piece of clothing that can instantly make you feel gorgeous. Finding the perfect dress that makes you feel gorgeous, well that's easier said than done, BUT today I am sharing the dress shape that I feel is the most flattering to any body shape. Ready for it?, it's the wrap dress!
A great wrap dress, or in this case a faux wrap dress (which I do prefer), is the perfect style for almost any body type. The wrap dress instantly elongates the torso, while the wrap cinches the waist making your body have a great hourglass shape.
So now where do you find a great wrap dress? Well one of my fave companies Karina Dresses, has probably created the most perfect faux wrap dress called the Ruby. This style comes in around 6 different prints, and 4 solid colours. This is the Ruby in the crimson shade and WOW is this a gorgeous dress! If you have a fave dress style for your body type let me know, I love to try new cuts of dresses all the time.


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